What is a roof warranty?

A roof warranty is a service contract that protects property owners against unexpected repairs due to issues arising from wear and tear.

I have property insurance. Why do I need a roof warranty?

Most property insurance policies do not cover wear and tear to roof systems. With a roof warranty plan you are covered for any issues that arise due to wear and tear, hence avoiding unexpected large costs.

Does it matter how old my roof is?

No. The age of a roof does not matter. Roof Warranty Limited will still cover the roof system and components regardless of age.

Do I need a property inspection?

No. As part of your application you will send us Photographs of your roof and you will sign a declaration stating that you are not aware of any material facts that would affect you getting this cover. In some cases your roof may need to be inspected to ensure we can put cover on your roof, we will notify you if this is the case.

Are there any occasions where part of my roof may not be covered?

As part of your plan we will issue you with a coverage letter, should there be any special conditions contained in your plan you will be notified in this letter.

Can anyone purchase a roof warranty?

Yes. All property owners including Hotels, Nursing homes, Factory premises, Management companies and Homeowner’s can purchase a roof warranty plan.

Do I pay a service fee?

Each plan allows for one service callout per year free of charge. Any further callouts will be charged at €65.00 per occurrence. Each plan also provides a free yearly health check.

Who does the repair?

A certified Roof Warranty Limited roof technician will carry out all repairs.

When will I receive a copy of my contract?

Once cover is agreed you will receive a letter confirming coverage this will outline when your cover starts, your costs of cover and how cover will be paid. You will also receive a copy of your terms and conditions, and brochure.